Event 6 – Of Changes and Returns – Questions of the Transcendental

After a year of hibernation, PS pokes its head out again. In our slumber, many a morphed image of the transcendental sneaked into our dreams. With a glance back to previous PS events, that insisted upon the Stubbornness of the Empirical, we consider these dream-images to be symptomatic: while the empirical remains stubborn, the transcendental, […]

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Event 5 -(a darktongues, kunning (poetics (& the occult))

To devise an impenetrable expression, one need not compose an entirely new word. It can suffice to alter those already present in the language. —Daniel Heller-Roazen There are many conceptual corridors beneath the question of secrecy (those of delirium, cruelty, hallucination, whispering, doom), just as there are many shapes that secretive formations can assume (underground […]

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Event 4 – Surrogat(iv)e Autonomy

PS: Surrogat(IV)e Autonomy, November 3rd-8th 2016 Image by Jenny Holzer ‘That is said to express a thing in which there are relations which correspond to the relations of the thing expressed… Hence it is clearly not necessary for that which expresses to be similar to the thing expressed, if only a certain analogy is maintained between […]

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Event 3 – The Stubbornness of the Empirical – The Sonic

Ouvrez la tête. —Erik Satie PS: We are happy to announce the third installment of “The Stubbornness of the Empirical” at PAF which will take place 2nd-7th June 2016. These events continue to forge an inclusive philosophically-oriented community at PAF, investigating collective conceptual trajectories and giving us a board to sound off. Building off the […]

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